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Poland Spring® has been a part of the Northeast for a long time — a really long time. We’ve sourced our spring water in Maine for over 170 years and have learned a thing or two about what makes this part of the country so special. The music. The scenery. And most important of all, the people. Today, we’re proud to showcase things that make the place we call home (amazingly) different than anywhere else.

speaking of greatness

Meet Edna. Nearly 90 — and still saving lives.

In your eighties? That’s the perfect time to sit back, relax and speed past traffic in your ambulance. At least, that’s what Edna thinks. She served as an EMT for over 38 years and still drives her unit’s emergency vehicle today. Edna continues to make a difference by doing exceptional work for our Maine community, setting a unique example of local greatness. (We’re basically her biggest fans.)

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Edna On Being Too Old
Edna On The Car Moose Accident
Edna on The Secret to Life

Great news! Refreshing spring water is within reach.

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