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Every team needs a cheerleader.

Every year, I count down the days until the Dempsey Challenge. It’s an incredible fundraising initiative that includes a combination of biking, walking, and running over the course of two days in October. It raises money for the Dempsey Center – a facility dedicated to improving the healing experience for those impacted by cancer, free of charge. That’s something I’m afraid I know a lot about. My wife is currently fighting it. And sadly, it’s a fight my father lost.

So rather than let that bring me down, I cheer on those who bike, race, and walk towards improvement.

I volunteer and organize the efforts to make sure everyone participating feels like they’re being cheered on. I help stock our Poland Spring cheer station with food, music, and plenty of water and swag. I probably get a bit too into it by dressing up in a costume to match the theme (I make a mean Wonder Woman), but it’s all for a good cause.

Transportation Resource Al

Al is the Transportation Resource at Poland Spring