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I wouldn’t trade jobs with any other person in this company.

I’ve lived here since I was three years old so Maine is my home. I have a great job. The woods, the streams, the sky and the animals are the four walls of my office.

When you live in Maine, you can’t help but love nature. It’s very important to me that the beauty of the state stays the same. We have beaches, we have rocky coastline, we have mountains — we just have this beautiful surrounding. It’s nature at its finest. I think that’s why we have such great tasting water.

Caring for the spring water resources is a top priority. At Poland Spring brand, we collect spring water out of the aquifers. Every month, we go out and compile a battery of data about the health of the aquifers and the watersheds and study it. We also provide this data in reports that are sent to town and state officials. These monitoring efforts ensure that our operations do not have an adverse impact on the natural environment.

It takes a team of skilled people who care about Maine’s environment to care for the resources. I get to work with some of the smartest scientific minds here in Maine; be it a geologist overseeing the water level of the aquifers, a biologist who studies the macro invertebrates in the streams to make sure that the ecosystems are staying healthy, or a forester who manages our land. It’s like being in science class: every day I learn something new, and it’s all about protecting the environment.

Just as it is important to maintain the water as a resource, it’s equally important that the ecosystem and biodiversity are not negatively impacted by what we do. We have very extensive monitoring systems in place and each site’s monitoring plan is unique. It could be stream-gauging the inlets and outlets of the watershed. It could be collecting rock bags, looking at the biodiversity of the bugs that are clinging to those rocks. As a company which cares about sustainability, we work to keep the biodiversity of these ecosystems healthy.

I love working for Poland Spring. It’s a Maine brand with Maine values, those being: we care about what goes into the bottle, we care about the health of the resources and we care about nature. We understand the importance of being sustainable. I hope that people who drink the Poland Spring brand in New York and Boston understand how pristine the water is, and where it comes from. There’s a lot that goes into caring for that clean, crisp spring water that New Englanders love.

I feel blessed to be a steward of this natural and bountiful resource so future generations can enjoy Poland Spring brand water just like people have for over a hundred years. And every day is a different adventure out in the woods. I’ve seen deer, I’ve seen owls, I’ve seen moose, and bear… I get to see the beauty of Maine, and I get paid for doing it. I wouldn’t trade jobs with any other person in this company.

natural resource supervisor mark

Mark is a natural resource supervisor for the Poland Spring brand. He has been with the company for 16 years.