Water Quality & Sustainability

Water Quality & Sustainability

At the Poland Spring brand, we maintain sustainable solutions for our springs and the land around them, keeping high standards for all our products. Every bottle of Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water contains the same high-quality water folks around the Northeast know and love. We care about our product, our community and our spring sources.

Franklin County, ME

Home of White Cedar Spring

Great Standards


Once we’ve collected natural spring water, it undergoes stringent controls and a 10-step quality process. Our testing standards meet or exceed those set by the EPA and FDA — so you can always be confident in the quality of every bottle.


Daily testing of source water (mineral content, pH, bacteria) is designed to assure safety and consistency. We also have a protocol of weekly, monthly and annual testing to demonstrate and document that the water we collect is safe, high-quality natural spring water. We weren’t kidding when we said we take quality seriously around here.

100% Natural Spring Water

To be able to label our products as “spring water,” we have to meet stringent standards from the Food and Drug Administration — standards we proudly meet or exceed. That’s why every bottle of Poland Spring® Brand Water is proudly labeled as 100% natural spring water (and why we vigorously defend ourselves against any contradictory claims.) Simply put, we’re committed to the quality and integrity of our spring water products. Have been for 170 years, always will be.

Regulatory Oversight

The FDA is responsible for regulating the bottled water industry. The FDA regulations for bottled water are as strict as the EPA’s regulations for tap water, if not more so.


Our team of on-staff certified geologists and natural resource managers helps us continuously monitor and manage each spring source with long-term sustainability in mind. Monitoring the springs and the natural habitats surrounding them is a top priority.

The science
behind the springs

To learn more about how Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is sourced and our commitment to quality, download our water quality report.


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