Madebetter® Recycling Pledge

Keeping plastic out of the environment is an urgent priority for us. That’s why we’re rescuing millions of pounds of plastic and transforming it into new bottles. And when you pledge to recycle your bottle of Poland Spring®, we’ll go even further to help make a better tomorrow for you, your community and our planet.

For every bottle you pledge to recycle, we will donate a bottle of water to a Northeast community facing unprecedented need brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with Feeding America®. This is another way we can bring bottles full circle and put them to good use.


Today, I pledge to recycle my bottle of Poland Spring so that we can be #MadeForABetterTomorrow.

My commitment will help keep this bottle out of the environment and help turn it into a bottle of water for someone in need.

Getting Water to People in Need

We all depend on safe, clean water for health and quality of life, but especially during times of crisis. That’s why we are donating bottles of Poland Spring® to The Greater Boston Food Bank in collaboration with Feeding America to help respond to the unprecedented need brought on by the pandemic.

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From Spring to Bottle and Beyond

As a water company that relies on nature, we take responsibility to help conserve it. Our hydrogeologists study and monitor water flows, and we have committed to better bottles that can be recycled and transformed into new bottles. This is our MadeBetter® commitment. Help us by recycling your bottles.

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