Spring water:
a closer look

There's more to spring water than meets the eye. Behind every bottle of Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is a team of Natural Resource Managers and geologists who monitor the springs and surrounding habitats for sustainability. But before we dive in too deep, let’s start with the basics.


Flagstaff Lake, ME
Near Spruce Spring


Let’s take it from the top (literally). This process begins in the sky with rain and snow. This is an important part of the health of our springs — and the reason our team of experts monitors the precipitation closely.



Some of the precipitation is naturally filtered as it moves through the soil and rock as groundwater. Unlike streams, creeks and other surface water, groundwater may not show a shortage of rain or snowfall for a year, or even much longer. Our team monitors surface water flows and groundwater levels to understand how short-term and long-term trends in precipitation affect both, while also monitoring the health of the springs and the habitats around them.

forest and spring


Finally, a portion of this groundwater naturally re-emerges at the surface of the earth as spring water (pretty amazing, we know). We collect the spring water before it emerges at the surface and transport it to a nearby bottling facility. After a ten-step quality process, it gets shipped out — and it’s not unheard of to find a bottle of Poland Spring® brand water on your store shelf 24 hours after it emerged from the spring. Now that’s fast!

fields and springs


We’re incredibly proud of our quality and sustainability efforts. In fact, that’s how our bottled spring water tastes so fresh — and why the Poland Spring brand has been around for more than 170 years. We hope to keep that greatness going for centuries to come.

Franklin County, ME Home of White Cedar Spring